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Painstakingly sourcing only the finest
Italian materials


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pristine quality
made with the finest Italian materials

each item can be customized to any material or colour desired

finest shoemakers

only the best shoemakers

craft a Mara Broccardi shoe

fine details

pristine attention goes into the stitching of every product

poised design

each item by Mara Broccardi delivers an iconic design using signature techniques

The Details


Mara Broccardi designs are unique. Mara understands the history of fine artisan craftsmanship that can be found nowhere in the world but in Italy.

Her designs are deeply sensual and feminine, exquisite in detail using signature techniques she invented in her years apprenticing with Florence’s finest shoemakers.

Mara has used these iconic shoe designs to expand her lines to clothing and bags.

Mara painstakingly sources the finest Italian materials, from Silks, Alpacas and Cashmeres to stunning skins and has been fortunate to enlist the very finest makers in the world. The results are precious items to be treasured forever. Each item can be personalised in terms of colour and material making it uniquely yours.

Mara can customise the perfect shoe or bag to compliment your sense of style.



“True luxury, by definition, is a pleasure obtained only rarely.”

-Mara Broccardi


Visit Mara Broccardi at

The Four Seasons Florence 
Borgo Pinti 99,

50121 Florence, Italy
see map below

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